Industrial Lighting
Industrial lighting fixtures are employed in various manufacturing facilities, whether it be automobile factories, steel mills, electronic assemblies, forging operations, machine shops, or warehouses. Industrial lighting can be divided into low bay and high bay applications. High bay lights are surface or pendant mounted, depending on the structure and openness of the area, and have traditionally found particular use in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and increasingly in retail situations wherein ceiling heights require lighting adequate for illumination of particular areas within an overall space. Low bay fixtures have wide luminous intensity distributions to provide greater horizontal and vertical illuminances in areas with restricted ceiling heights. They are ideal for applications in warehouses, assembly plants, material handling, maintenance, manufacturing, inspection, and other areas where maintenance and energy-efficient light sources are critical. In cleaner industrial environments, linear luminaires are used in open high bay luminaires with specular reflectors for optical control. Floodlights are commonly used to brightly illuminate large open areas in industrial applications and other harsh environments, including but not limited to military applications, onboard ships, assembly plants, power plants, oil refineries, and petrochemical plants. LED triproof lights are vapor tight and corrosion-resistant and perform very well in wet and damp locations. They can be used in parking garages, car washes, warehouses, chemical plants, stairwells, pool areas and any other places where moisture, dampness, corrosion, or dust is a concern. Explosion proof lights are designed for locations which are hazardous due to the presence of flammable vapors or gases, ignitible gas and dusts or ignitible fibers and flyings. Industrial lighting luminaires also include task lights such as machine tool lights, workbench lights, portable work lights, mechanics lights, and headlamps.
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