Interior Lighting
Light fixtures for indoor applications. They are complete lighting units which integrate optical control devices designed to distribute the light, mechanical components required to support or attach the luminaire as well as heat sinks and heat dissipaters to conductively remove heat generated by the LEDs, sockets or mountings to provide mechanical support for the lamp and provide necessary electrical connections, and various electrical and electronic components to start, operate, dim or otherwise control and maintain the operation of the lamps or LEDs. Specifically, interior lighting fixtures include: 1) recessed, surface-mounted, or pendant lighting fixtures such as flush mount ceiling lights, semi-flush mount ceiling lights, track lights, pendant lights and chandeliers; 2) wall-mounted downlights and uplights such as wall sconces, decorative wall lights, picture lights, and vanity lights; 3) other indirect, supplementary, or local lighting fixtures which include but are not limited to under-cabinet lights, desk lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, torchieres, valance lights, and cove light fixtures.
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