Roadway & Street Lighting
This category lists companies specializing in outdoor lighting fixtures that are designed to illuminate roadways, streets, driveways, bridges, tunnels, pathways, bikeways, walkways, sidewalks, ramps, curbs, parking lots, intersections, crosswalks, roadway barriers, drainage structures, utility structures, and many other outdoor areas. Products fall within this category include LED roadway lights, LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, post top lights, decorative street lights, pendant street lights, catenary street lights, solar street lights (separate power systems), all-in-one solar street lights, high mast lights, and LED area lights. These luminaires must accommodate both vehicular and pedestrian traffic allow accurate and comfortable visibility at night of possible obstacles or hazards in sufficient time to allow appropriate action, endure harsh operating environments, and address public safety concerns as well as lighting quality issues, all in the most economical way possible.
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