Outdoor Wall Lights
Wall mounted luminaires can be found in many architectural styles; mounting height is generally 8 meters (26 ft.) or less. Wall mounted luminaires, by using a refracting element in conjunction with the reflector, may provide lighting spacing of 6 to 8 times their mounting height in front of the luminaire and offer a lateral spacing of one and a half to two times their mounting height. Wall lighting can enhance the appearance of your garden or outside space, illuminating eye-catching features, highlighting pathways with style or creating the most suitable ambience for those memorable evenings with acquaintances. Wall lights can provide your home or business with safety and security in minutes. It may also be employed to provide light to areas which may have insufficient illumination such as attics, garages of porches. Wall lighting delivers not only illumination where you desire, but also enhances building structures for a beautiful architectural effect. Motion sensors with high sensitivity provide automated control. The light is automatically activated in the event it detects a movement and turned off if no movement is spotted after a short while. Built to save energy, a wall light can be run by a rechargeable battery charged by sunlight. A solar panel makes the LED wall lamp absorb sunlight high-efficiently during the day for lighting at night. An outdoor wall light is waterproof, heatproof and durable, with die-cast aluminum or marine grade rated stainless steel for withstanding years of sunshine, rain, snow, ice and wind. They are wet location rated to IP66 standards for indoor and outdoor installations.
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